The Relationship Between CBD And Anti-Tumor Effects

The Relationship Between CBD And Anti-Tumor Effects

Scientists have been busy lately studying and researching all of the ways CBD oil can be used in medicine. Recently a study was conducted to measure the effects of CBD on brain tumors known as Glioblastoma (GBM), which are the most malignant brain tumors and also one of the most deadly [1].

It is known that more than 95% of DMB patients die within 5 years of diagnosis regardless of the methods of treatment used during that time. Given this fact, it is imperative that an effective method of treatment is found as quickly as possible. There is mounting evidence that cannabinoids have very active anti-tumor properties and could be used in the treatment of GMB.

The study, as mentioned above, used both animal and human subjects to research if the therapeutic effect of cannabinoids reduces tumor growth. The current method of treatment for GMBs is surgical removal, followed by radiation and chemotherapy [1]. 

It has been found that cannabinoids can inhibit tumor growth and that cannabinoids can significantly reduce tumor volume in animal models [1]. It has also been suggested that CBD can potentially inhibit the invasion of GMB cells into other areas of the brain.

As with most CBD studies, the above findings are just the beginning of investigating benefits and uses for cannabinoids.