About Us

Welcome to Fūse Health


At Fūse Health, we are a group of experienced healthcare industry professionals dedicated to improving the CBD experience of our customers. We are committed to sourcing only the highest quality hemp materials that deliver powerful results, consistency, and a pleasant experience. We are proud to offer a hemp-based CBD product line that is safe and sustainable; our 100% natural CBD products protect the integrity of the cannabidiol industry and provide the ultimate user experience. Experience the Fūse difference and start feeling like the best version of yourself.

Our Ingredients and Manufacturing Process



Our manufacturing processes all adhere to the strictest standards of the Food and Drug Administration, and our facility has been GMP-certified to demonstrate our compliance with these standards. The high quality of our products stems from the fact that we use only premium CBD ingredients, none of which contain any harsh chemicals, pesticides, or traces of metallic elements. We have full farm-to-bottle traceability in place, so that we can have total confidence in the quality of all products used in our manufacturing process. All of our products are made in the USA, so we don’t have to worry about products produced under inadequate quality controls. Our products are non-GMO, and our hemp is organically grown and purely natural.

 All of our CBD products are rigorously tested for potency and quality, and are formulated by highly skilled and knowledgeable doctors, scientists, and product experts to bring you the best of CBD. 

Meet the Fūse Team 


Meet Matthew Amaral and Antonio Benvenutti, the dynamic duo behind Fūse. These two entrepreneurs met while working for a medical company, with Matthew in the role of a nurse, and Antonio involved with medical engineering. 


Fūse was started to bring high-quality, and all-natural CBD products to the market that was oversaturated with poorly manufactured and untrustworthy "CBD" products with countless false claims. They came into this industry to do it right. That means carrying out all the necessary functions of a top-quality producer, especially with regard to procurement, supplier qualification, regulatory trends, and the needs of their consumers.

Matthew and Antonio care deeply about the products they put into the market, and about their community that uses their products every day. They hope fervently that consumers care enough about purchasing quality products, so that they can devote their energies full-time to making the best CBD products on the market.