CBD Vs THC For Pain

CBD Vs THC For Pain

Depending on where you are based in the US, we are all aware that cannabinoids are not legal in a lot of states. It is always important to check whether your state has legalised it or not before purchasing to avoid prosecution. Many assume that CBD and THC are one and the same when it comes to cannabinoids and that both target the same receptors in the body that give you the feeling of being ‘high’.

The differences between CBD and THC are many, however, the main one being that THC gives the euphoric ‘high’ when used whereas CBD does not, due to each product targeting different receptors in the body.  Although similar in the chemical compound, THC is different in the way that the molecules are arranged in the chemical formula; this targets the brain’s rewarding system which produces dopamine (pleasure chemicals) and is the main reason why your body relaxes or helps to relieve painful symptoms.

If used in high quantities, however, it can have long-term, negative psychiatric effects so it is recommended to seek medical attention immediately if you notice any intense symptoms, especially if you have been taking this for a long time.

Using the correct amount of CBD and/or THC, their effects can be extremely beneficial, both having the potential to help to alleviate symptoms such as anxiety, migraines, nausea, depression, seizures, chronic pain, insomnia & glaucoma to name a few.

Taken together, the two compounds work well in helping to reduce any pain and inflammation also known as the entourage effect which is why full-plant cannabis buds and extracts are thought to be more helpful to patients who ingest it.

So, is CBD better than THC for pain? Unfortunately, there is no straightforward answer for whether one is better than the other since they work so well when used together but don’t feel disheartened; if one product does not work, try a different potency or blend to suit your needs.

There are various CBD products in different formats like tincture drops, sprays, gummies or gel caps so you have a variety of choices to help you find the right product and what better place to start than Fuse Health, the perfect place dedicated to improving the lives of our customers. Sourced from high-quality hemp you are more likely to to experience  relief every time.